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Pokemon go mod apk is an adventure game in which assuming the role of protagonist is easy and realistic. These games keep you engaged for hours. There are billions of games of this genre available in the game market. In this era, one can enjoy the real adventure by employing GPS signals in the game. These adventures may include finding remarkable treasures in your neighborhood.

One of the most remarkable games developed on this pattern is Pokémon go mod apk just like Swordigo Mod Apk. This game is based on the cartoon, Pokémon. The game developers choice gave it the title of “best mobile game” And TechCrunch said that it is the “best game of the year”

Pokemon Go Mod Apk unlimited money

This is an outdoor game. Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and many other Pokémons have been discovered on earth. Pokémons are Present everywhere, all you have to do is to catch them. For that, you have to make adventures in your neighborhood by collecting Pokémon and filling your Pokédex.

When there is a Pokémon nearby, your phone will vibrate. You have to Aim and then throw the Pokémon ball to catch them. You have to stay alert if you don’t want to miss a chance.

There are different types of Pokémon like water-type Pokémons that are found near lakes or other water bodies. Museums, historical monuments, or art installations, etc. have different focus stops and gyms. You can find PokéBalls and other helpful items there.


Table of Contents

The game has launched a new social feature Where people can connect by adding friends and participating in different conquests and sharing gifts. You can earn candy as a reward every time you receive a Pokémon from your friends. Participating in the new Friendship level system Will unlock bonuses.

You can complete your Pokédex by catching more and more powerful Pokémon. You can also add more Pokémon into your collection by hatching Eggs which depends on the distance you travel. Collecting several Pokémon of the same kind will help them evolve. You will earn candy by walking with a Pokémon. This will help your Pokémon to strengthen.

You can join a team and fight for the ownership of a Gym. Once you get to the gym, you will assign your Pokémon to defend it against others.

Attack battle allows you to work with 20 other participants to compete with the attack boss. If you Succeed to defeat him in the battle, you can get a chance to catch your own extra powerful Pokémon.

Game Features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Amazing Graphics

The graphics of the game are designed with great skills and talent. The colorful theme of the game attracts kids as well as adults and makes them more excited to play the game with more fun. The animation of the game is also great to experience. The gamers cannot ignore these points at all.


There are several Pokémon that are scarcely available and are not easy to find. You have to travel to different cities to discover them. But it is not feasible for everyone to travel to different cities just to fulfill the craving for adventure. Keeping in mind all these problems, we have developed Pokémon Go mod apk. This game is easy to download. You can use the free feature of fake GPS and cheat the game.

Get Access to Unlocked Items

The currency in the game is called poke-coins which is used to buy the necessary items for the game. Our mod apk will give you unlimited poke-coins to buy the items and unlock your desired items for you. The items may be potions, revives, mystery boxes, berries, evolution items, etc.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk unlocked all characters

Catch Pokemon

As a player, you have to go in your vicinity and find the pokemon hidden in that area. The pokemon may occur in front of you for some time and allow you to catch them. You have to throw the poke balls to catch them and all those situations will be happening in your real world which is translated in the shape of a game for you.

Unlimited Different Adventurous Battles

You have the opportunity to have battles with different types of characters. There are majorly three types of battles: gym battles, raid battles, and trainer battles where you can join different groups and defeat different Pokémon.

Add Your Friends

The pokemon go mod apk also allows you to play an online game and add your loved ones or friends to play with you and have fun together. It will allow you to make your moments together. As we know it is always a good decision to spend time with family and friends and this game is a good option for you.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk unlimited joystick

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Bonus Information About Pokémon Go Mod Apk

  • This game is free and offers in-game purchases. It works only on smartphones, not on tablets.
  • The game is compatible with devices that have RAM of 2GB or more.
  • Android version 4.4- 6.0 must be installed.
  • Works best if the device has GPS capabilities.
  • Android devices using Intel Atom processors are not compatible with the game.
  • It would be best to play with an Internet connection for accurate location information.
  • The application may not work on some devices despite having a compatible OS version installed.
  • the latest information as of June 2021

Key Features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk

  • Teleport
  • Amazing graphics
  • QR code to add friends
  • Joystick
  • Improved Pokémon collection
  • Favorites
  • Different battles
  • Unlocked items
  • Map details for PokémonStops
  • Various bug fixes
  • Enhanced Throw
  • Catch pokemon
  • Caught Preview
  • Inventory IV
  • Tap to Walk/Teleport
  • 100 IV Feed

How to Download and Install Latest Version of Pokemon Go Mod Apk for Android

  • Go to mobile settings and click on the option security and fingerprints.
  • Then you will be given many options, click on the option “Unknown sources” and allow it.
  • Click on the download button, and wait for a while.
  • Now click on the download link, downloading will start immediately.
  • Go to your mobile, click on the install button, the installation process will start.
  • Once the procedure will finish you can use the file.


Pokémon Go was launched in 2016. Soon after the release, it became the most famous game in the entire globe for weeks. It has 100M+ downloads in the play store so far. Moreover, this app has a 4.1 rating. People who played this game have given very good reviews about it. They report having a great experience by playing this game. It is fun and satisfying to play. As it is a health-focused AR game.

It will help you to enjoy and take a scroll at the same time. Now you don’t have to make special plans for your evening walk! This game will reward you for exercise, allows you to play with friends and enjoy your favorite Pokémons.

The graphics and visual effects are amazing. You get to live your Pokémon adventure in real life. Catch all the Pokémon you want and enjoy wonderful community events. These features have been mentioned in this article.

I am sure that after reading this article, you would have concluded that this game is worth downloading and playing. This game will allow you to have new adventures every day. I am sure that this game will give you a great experience.

I have given the link to Pokémon Go MOD APK in this article, so you don’t have to waste your precious time searching for it. Go further and download it. I hope this article was helpful. Good luck with the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Pokémon go mod apk harmful to my device?
Answer: No it is not harmful to your device if you download it from credible sources. So it is highly recommended that you download it from our website, which is 100% safe and reliable.

Q: Is Pokémon go mod apk ads free?
Answer: Yes, This is another plus point if a game allows you to use its features without irritating ads that interrupt your game and destroy The fun of the game.

Q: How to get pokecoins in the game?
Answer: You have to buy those coins with real money but with the pokemon go mod apk you can have those pokecoins for free.

Q: Is Pokemon Go paid or free?
Answer: The game is free to download and use but some modes are paid but our mod apk will provide you everything for free.

Q: Do we still have an option to spoof in 2021?
Answer: Yes, you have the option and to opt it you have to download the spoofing app

Q: How to get free items on pokemon go?
Answer: The game won’t allow you to get all the items for free. You have to earn it and buy it through pokecoins. But download our mod apk and get free items in the game.

What's new

Trainers, there’s always something new in Pokémon GO!

- Are you ready for Pokémon GO Fest 2021? Every Legendary Pokémon discovered in Pokémon GO so far will be appearing in five-star raids during the event!
- Various quality-of-life updates have been made.



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