Mafia City Mod Apk Latest 2022(Unlimited Gold/Coins/Gems/Power)


Download latest version of mafia city mod apk for androids and PCs, get unlimited gems, gold, power, cars, and advantage over your opponents.
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Mafia city mod apk will give you fully gangster vibes of the mafia world where you have to use your brain wisely and make strategies to proceed in the game. It is a battle for power, respect, money, and position. You also have to compete with other gangs which are going to be discussed later in the article so stay Tuned! 

Mafia city mod APK is a mobile-based mafia game that was launched on the 30th of March 2017 on the Google Play store for Android users but iOS users can also download it for free. It has more than 50,000,000 downloads and the game is getting famous day by day and proceeding to reach the top of the charts.

Mafia city mod apk can be translated into almost all of the languages no matter where you are from. You can enjoy its dark color theme, incredible actions, heavy weapons, different characters, ammunition, quarrels, etc.

You have to establish your gang in mafia mod apk, join different missions including robbery, discovering new lands, destroying other gangs, online battles, etc. In short, this adventurous game is full of fun and fiery actions.

Game Features of Mafia City Mod Apk

Table of Contents

  • Steal cars and impress your enemies and friends.
  • Manage your turf through a zoom-in feature.
  • Earn gold.
  • Maps are located in-game to assist you.
  • Customize your gang boss.
  • Graphics and sounds are top class.
  • Four types of crew members to assist you.
  • 360 angles view.
  • Multi-languages.
  • Heavy weapons such as interlock guns, shotguns, baseball bats, machine guns, etc.
  • Strong storyline.
  • Easy to install.
  • 78 MB file.
  • 60+ legendary cars
  • More than 20 adventurous missions.

Strong Background Story

The story of Mafia City Mod Apk is built up around the 30s where Tommy, a taxi driver, is accidentally pushed into the criminal world during an unexpected fight with the local criminals. Starting is difficult as he was a common person but with time he slowly got involved in the mafia world and got used to money and power and wanted more for himself.

So you just have to play as Tommy character and establish your gang and reach the top of the position.


First, upgrade your base and then unlock other buildings. The buildings are really important for your game and are going to assist you in your whole journey. For example, you can talk to your friends through the bootleg market and heal your troops through the hospital.

You have to earn gold to buy new buildings. You can buy the gold through real money because you have to travel more than 12 square miles where you have to try your best to defeat your opposite parties and expand your territory by discovering new lands and rule on them.

Fighting with Other Gangs

This is another adventure of Mafia City Mod Apk. You will compete with different gangs because it is important to defeat those gangs to achieve the territory of other gangs and achieve more power and respect in the city. You should have enough force, weapons, and strategies to fight back and defend yourself and your base to proceed to the next level in your game.

Four Types of Crew Members Waiting for You to Conquer


These are the characters who are the human weapons for you. They will protect you from your opposition. 


These members can use all kinds of long-ranged weapons including cannons, rifles, shotguns, submarines, interlock guns, machine guns, etc.


The characters can control different and wide ranges of vehicles, even the vehicles moving as fast as light.

Modified vehicles 

These are the vehicles that smuggle and transport the stolen items for you.

Become the King of the Mafia World

Mafia City Mod Apk is about achieving the position of king in this world of crime. You have to put in your efforts, buy and sell buildings, do business, earn money, fight with gangs, become a boss, lead gangs, discover new lands, occupy the territory of other lands and gangs, defend yourself, make strategies and proceed tactfully to become the king of the mafia world. 

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Key Features of Mafia City Mod Apk

  • Unlimited money
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited gems
  • Download free of cost
  • Safe to play
  • Auto updated
  • Unlimited Power
  • Unlocked premium weapons
  • 60+ legendary cars
  • Anti-ban

What is the Mafia Mod Apk App? 

Mafia city mod APK is an app that is developed to assist the player in different ways because it takes a lot of time to earn gold and become one of the best players and use all of the features freely but this app makes it easier for you to achieve a position, gain unlimited gold, use free features that the game itself doesn’t provide and much more just like Monster Legends Mod Apk.

How to Download and Install Latest Version of Mafia City Mod Apk App for Android Devices

  • Download the mod APK  on your phone by clicking on the download button.
  • Then go to the setting on your phone and allow the “Unknown sources”.
  • Click on the Download file; The installation process will start.
  • When it is installed it is ready to play.

How to Download and Install Latest Version of Mafia City Mode Apk App for PC

  • For PC first you have to download BlueStacks Android Emulator on your computer.
  • Then proceed to download the mod APK file.
  • Then the next step is to tap on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • Now it is ready to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Mafia City Mod Apk free or paid?

Answer: If you install the game it would offer you free as well as paid features but when you download the mafia city mode APK app on your mobile or PC you get everything free.

Q: Is Mafia city an online or offline game?

Answer: It is an online game. This game needs an internet connection to run an update.

Q: Why do we use the mod in mafia city?

Answer: Because it takes a lot of time and effort and even real money to become one of the best players in the game and mod makes it easy for you to achieve the position in the game and cash on your game account.

Q: How to get unlimited gold in a mafia city?

Answer: The best source of getting unlimited gold is downloading mafia city mod APK on your PC or phone.


At last, we have concluded that Mafia City Mod Apk is an attractive game with a strong, interesting storyline, attractive graphics, cool sound effects, 3D view, HD quality, awesome gameplay for Android PC, and iOS users as well. 

Once you start playing this game there will be no way back because you will be in love with it. You have to defeat different villains and oppositions.

 For more satisfaction; you can check its reviews on the Google Play store. I’m sure you are going to be glad.

I have provided all the related information about mafia city and I have discussed its features, storyline, characters, how to download it, the mafia mod APK app, and how to download that app and its benefits. The link is provided to download the game. I hope you will not regret downloading it!!!!

What's new

【New Contents】
1. New Fishing Sea Zone -- Iceland added.
2. Equipment Augmentation: Adjusted the maximum Level for Augmentation from Lv. 10 to Lv. 20.
3. Mercenary: Increased the drop rate of Augmentation Cards from killing VARIAN G.I.
【New Features】
1. New Decorations:
(1) [Rickshaw] Ops Effect.
(2) [Galactic Panda] Combined Ops Effect.
2. Added new sound effects and special effects.



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